Docus doo is an authorized partner for Serbia of the Russian company 1C based in Moscow.

The modern 1C: Enterprise platform for business application development helps to achieve one of our goals - to be one step ahead in the development of software that updates quickly. We want to follow this course in Serbia as well.

Our mission: to help companies achieve their goals quickly and efficiently using modern information technology. We support developers of 1C-based business applications, from project appraisal to programming work.

If you are interested in using the modern 1C: Enterprise platform, which allows you to apply innovative ideas at a reasonable cost, Docus will be a good and reliable partner. We approach each partner individually and we are convinced that we will find a mutually beneficial form of cooperation.

This is a guarantee that you will get the expected result with a reasonable level of costs!

Introducing practical and simple software that allows you to efficiently solve the daily tasks of a medium and large company can become your business.

Send us your request and we will be happy to answer. We offer cooperation with project managers who are experts in the field of accounting automation based on 1C and have experience in working with foreign customers in Europe.

Below is a diagram of the architecture of 1C-based solutions:


If it is important for your company's representative office to have close integration with the ERP of the central office, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Central office ERP is the leading system, data is downloaded for locally regulated accounting.
  • In this case, the users work directly with the ERP of the central office. The required data is then sent to 1C to prepare locally regulated reporting.

  • The 1C local office is an independent system and retrieves data.
  • In this case, users work directly in 1C, having a full accounting cycle. The required master data is downloaded from the ERP central office. On a monthly basis, the required data is transferred from 1C to the ERP of the central office for consolidation into a single reporting system of the central office.

In addition to the typical approaches described above for the automation of representative offices of foreign companies, we can also offer individual solutions that take into account the specifics of your business.

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